Green Simplicity

Green Simplicity is an innovation-driven company that is constantly innovating in the field of plant-oriented research as well as on a production scale, within horticulture and beyond. Green Simplicity’s multi-layer, daylight-free cultivationsystem is the system, in which several technical components are flawlessly integrated into one working whole. Each entity has a goal to further develop the sector, namely;

Green Simplicity Research

Green Simplicity Research develops and installs affordable LED research systems for horticulture, in the form of research cells, containers, trolleys and lighting kits. These instruments allow the grower to experiment in a (fully) controlled environment, with various variables such as LED; lighting, humidity, irrigation, CO2 and temperature.

Together with the customer, an enormous amount of knowledge is collected and stored about the cultivation of various crops and applications without daylight. This provides new input for innovations and cultivation methods.

Green Simplicity Concepts

If the grower has drawn his own conclusions in the research system and is ready for upscaling, Green Simplicity Concepts offers a suitable solution. Whether it concerns scaling up one variable, such as dehumidification or lighting or full control in an automated multi-layer cultivation system without daylight.

Green Simplicity Concepts helps the grower with the development and construction of an optimal cultivation system, tailored to the needs of the crop.

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