GreenV Leafy Greens System: Mobile gutter system for horticulture

The GreenV Leafy Greens System is a mobile gutter system for horticulture for the automated cultivation of lettuce and other leafy crops. Discover the main benefits of this fully customized and automated hydroponic growing system for your leafy greens.

  • 40% yield increase per m2
  • Up to 100% automation
  • 95% reduction in water usage
  • Minimal disease pressure

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How does the mobile gutter system works?

The GreenV Leafy Greens System is a mobile gutter system designed for the automated cultivation of lettuce and other leafy crops in horticulture. This is how the GreenV Leafy Greens System works:

  • Initially, young plants are planted without spacing between the gutters, maximizing the number of plants per square meter.
  • As the crop matures, the system automatically adjusts the spacing between the gutters to ensure each plant receives optimal light, air, and space for consistent growth and high-quality produce.
  • The mobile gutters move seamlessly throughout the greenhouse, significantly reducing the need for manual labor and intervention.

With our aluminum mobile gutter system you’ll experience increased crop yields, improved efficiency, and reduced labor requirements, allowing you to grow more efficiently and effectively.


Advantages of our unique and patented aluminum gutters

Sturdy and low-friction

Our robust aluminum gutters effortlessly span bay widths, staying rigid without bending or sagging. They glide smoothly on low-friction material, ensuring seamless automation.

Efficient microclimate

Acting as radiators, aluminum gutters create a microclimate around plants, leading to energy savings in cooling during summer and heating in winter.

Disease resistance

Pathogens and antigens grow relatively easily on a standard plastic surface, but our aluminum gutters significantly reduce disease pressure. The aluminum gutters block all light near the water, preventing algae growth. In addition, the holes in the gutters are exactly the same size as the root plugs, enabling maximum yields.

Long-lasting durability

Resistant to sunlight, overheating, cracks, and impact, our aluminum gutters ensure an extended lifespan, reducing operational costs.

Aluminum mobile gutter system horticulture

Looking for a cultivation system that can increase your yield by 40% per square meter? Want to minimize disease pressure, and use less water, fertilizer and energy?

With the GreenV Leafy Greens System, you can enjoy a fully customized and automated hydroponic growing system that allows you to grow leafy greens sustainably and profitably.

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Increase crop yield and minimize disease pressure with the GreenV Leafy Greens System.

Optimized disease control with GreenV’s mobile gutter system for lettuce and leafy greens

Our innovative solution offers optimized disease control for your crops. Here’s how:

  • Reducing root diseases: Our unique filter system, combined with aluminum gutters, significantly inhibits pathogen growth. This design reduces root diseases, eliminating the need for double tubes per plant to clear pipe blockages. The GreenV Leafy Greens System’s drippers remain unclogged, thanks to a constant flow of 5000 liters of water per hour through 6mm (1/4″) pipes.
  • Hydroponic Focus: Specifically tailored for hydroponic lettuce cultivation, our system circulates approximately 99% of the water. Rest assured, your irrigation water undergoes continuous disinfection, promoting healthier, disease-free crops.


5 Benefits of the GreenV Leafy Greens System

  1. Reduce your labor input. Achieve automation tailored to your needs by choosing between a semi-automated or fully automated system and reduce manual work in your cultivation process.
  2. 95% water reduction. Save up to 95% of water compared to traditional soil-based methods with our closed hydroponic gutter system. It efficiently delivers essential water while recycling nutrients. Various types of leafy crops grow exceptionally well in this system.
  3. Increase your yield with 40% per m2. Optimize space usage with increased planting density. The system automatically extends the cultivation surface, resulting in a 40% higher plant yield per square meter compared to other systems.
  4. Minimizing disease pressure. The ingenious irrigation system, combined with aluminum gutters, minimizes disease pressure.
  5. Greenhouse-grown lettuce ideal for retail. GreenV Leafy Greens System ensures pristine, soil-free lettuce and herbs, reducing the reliance on plant protection products and delivering market-ready crops, packed free of soil.

A mobile gutter system to suit all your needs

Customize your GreenV Leafy Greens System based on your production goals, automation preferences, space availability, and cultivation area:

  • Semi-Automation: Optimize yields while minimizing costs with our semi-automated system.
  • Full Automation: Save labor, maximize land use, and ensure uniform crop growth with our fully automated system.
  • Hybrid Setup: Combine our system with a controlled indoor growing cell for top-notch propagation and a strong start for your plants.


About GreenV & the GreenV Leafy Greens System

Building a thriving business requires the right partnerships. GreenV consists of a group of individual companies that work seamlessly together, each delivering the best technology, products and services in their category. The GreenV Leafy Greens System is a joint initiative by Prins Group, Prins USA, HT Verboom and Stolze.

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