Greenhouse technology for the best crops

About GreenV, greenhouse technologies

Are you looking for a full-service partner for growing the best crops? GreenV is the one-stop-shop you’re looking for. We can take care of every aspect of realising your horticulture ambitions: from design, to construction and servicing your facilities to ensure you grow quality crops with excellent yields. Our team understands your unique needs and the local circumstances that shape the challenges you face. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can help turn your ideas into reality, wherever you are in the world.

GreenV is your partner in horticulture

GreenV is your portal to world-leading horticulture technology, knowledge and experience from the Netherlands. Dutch growers have been pioneers in horticulture pioneers for centuries. Today, our team of experts deliver complete horticulture solutions powered by our partners and subsidiaries. Our aim is to find and build your ultimate business case together. We look for the perfect balance between cost, risk and yield, adjusted to your local market circumstances and your personal goals.

The V in our name stands for venture and represents our ambitious spirit. We’re not afraid to shake things up and change the system – and we’re ready to bring that same innovative mindset to your business.

Innovation & knowledge sharing

Innovation and knowledge development is a constant process at GreenV. The world is changing fast. And the horticultural sector is definitely no exception: data-driven growing, mechanisation and the robotisation of operational processes are all aspects of our sector that are accelerating at a rapid pace. GreenV is taking a leading role in the development of new production systems that contribute to realising both your sustainability and your profitability goals. We are proud to design and implement solutions that are contributing to the health and wellbeing of citizens around the world, solutions that are leading to improved local food security and food safety.

Sustainable horticulture systems

Our innovative and efficient systems enable the production of both existing and new high-quality crops: sustainably and profitably, while minimising the use of water, energy, fertilisers and crop protection resources. At GreenV, we are passionate about realising successful green business ventures. As a leading horticulture system integrator, we specialise in helping you grow a wide range of crops, including fruit, vegetables, herbs, soft fruits, flowers and young plants. But our mission goes beyond simply helping you grow produce – we’re committed to doing so in the most sustainable way possible. This way, we can help your business and the planet thrive.

We believe that thriving businesses can be a force for good.

Our vision

GreenV aims to enhance cities all over the world with the power of food and flowers. We believe that thriving businesses can be a force for good. Why? Because they lay the foundation for creating a brighter, more sustainable future, with fresh and healthy food, plants and flowers. Available for everybody, everywhere, all the time.


Our approach

We put together a perfectly balanced business case based on your local circumstances and your personal ambition. Whether you’re looking to grow your crops, plants or flowers in low, mid or high-tech greenhouse systems, or completely without sunlight – the options are limitless. But the underlying objective is always the same: finding the right solution for you that ticks all the boxes.


An approach that works

  • We integrate only the best technologies, drawing on the expertise and experience in our own companies, our partners and other established suppliers
  • We provide the support and advice you need through a network of local installation and service partners
  • We’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint and helping you do the same
  • With our shareholder HAL Investments behind us, we’re here to support you today and in the  longer term
  • Our non-nonsense Dutch approach ensures we tell it as it is and make sure we get the job done
  • Our Dutch heritage means you’re always at the forefront of innovation in horticulture