Ard Vink appointed as CEO of GreenV

14 December 2023

Ard Vink has been officially appointed Chief Executive Officer of GreenV as of December 1, 2023. He has already held this position since June 2023 from his seat on GreenV’s Advisory Board. His industry knowledge, broad network and experience will be of great value to GreenV and the companies within the group.

Ard Vink began his career more than 20 years ago at HAL Investments, which founded GreenV in 2021 together with Prins Group and Stolze. As a board member of HAL Investments, Ard Vink is responsible for GreenV and he is also chairman of the GreenV Advisory Board. In the role of CEO, his responsibilities will include the further development of the companies within the group, organizing cooperation, joint (international) business development and unlocking the synergy between the companies in the GreenV group.

“Together, the nine companies that have joined GreenV form a powerful combination. All companies operate in a growing international market in which sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovative techniques are important focal points. The companies complement each other and all have a no-nonsense culture where customer focus is key. They have a local presence in key sales markets and offer answers to the challenges our customers seek solutions for,” said Ard Vink. “The knowledge and skills of the employees at our companies are essential in delivering on the promises we make. As a group, we have all the knowledge in house to come up with solutions to any challenge. Together with all my colleagues, I will commit myself one hundred percent to further strengthen the position of our GreenV group of companies.”

GreenV consists of a group of individual horticulture companies that work closely together, each providing the best technology, products and services in their category. With partners both in-house and from outside the GreenV group, it collaborates on total solutions for its customers. GreenV was founded in 2021 and currently consists of Prins Group, Stolze, HT Verboom, Green Simplicity, Voshol, JV Energy Solutions, Prins USA, GreenV Mexico and Apex Greenhouses.

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