Voshol joins GreenV group

13 March 2023

Voshol, the supplier of advanced climate control systems (heating, insulation and electrical engineering) for the global greenhouse horticulture industry, will join GreenV, an internationally operating group of horticulture suppliers, with both its companies: Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek in the Netherlands and JV Energy Solutions in Canada.

For GreenV, the addition of Voshol is the next step in the growth strategy of a group that intends to become the reference in the global horticulture industry by bringing together leading and innovative suppliers with complementary capabilities and activities on multiple continents for close collaboration and mutual reinforcement.

The international horticulture industry knows Voshol as an innovative supplier (design, development, and installation) of customer-specific heating systems and electrical installations. Voshol Warmte – Elektrotechniek BV in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands (45 employees) and JV Energy Solutions Inc. in Kingsville (Ontario), Canada (9 employees) do not only possess significant knowledge and expertise in climate control systems, but they also enable GreenV to establish a foothold in Canada, where Voshol has its own service organization that maintains a stock of essential system components from the EU and supplies them to Canadian and American horticulture clients.

Both Voshol companies will continue to operate independently within GreenV, retaining their existing identities and names. Jan Voshol, the Dutch board members Lennert Bredemeijer and Wilco Voshol, and Canada-based Field & Operations manager Henry Friesen will all remain fully active and committed to the operations in the Netherlands and Canada, respectively.

Voshol developed into the company it is today after Jan Voshol, a professional mechanic, became the co-owner of a local installation company through a management buy-out in the early 1990s. The company continued under the name Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek BV and began to grow rapidly when climate control and electrical engineering were added to the service portfolio. Jan Voshol became the sole owner of the company’s shares in 2003. The expansion of the company further accelerated as international demand increased for the complete suite of services that Voshol could offer to customers. After several relocations and expansions, the company finally established its base in the Dutch town of Waddinxveen. Meanwhile, Voshol has been active in Canada since 2009. The Canadian branch JV Energy Solutions has grown into an essential business unit, enabling Voshol to service the increasingly important Canadian market. After transferring his shares to his son Wilco, son-in-law Lennert Bredemeijer, and Henry Friesen, who runs the Canadian organization, Jan Voshol has continued to be actively involved with the two companies in the Netherlands and Canada. Pursuant to the transaction, Voshol’s shareholders have also become shareholders of the GreenV group.

Vital link in the GreenV group portfolio

Over the years, Voshol has become a household name in the field of climate control for growers who want to expand, modernize, or redesign their greenhouses, for example if they want to switch to other crops. In addition, the company is at the forefront of applying innovative and sustainable solutions aimed at saving energy, the transition from fossil fuels to sustainably generated energy, and CO2 dosing or CO2 reduction.

GreenV CEO Jan Derck van Karnebeek calls Voshol a jewel in the world of international horticulture: “Voshol and its solutions are truly leading in the European and North American markets. The company is the reference in its field, and therefore fits perfectly in our growth plan, which we are executing step by step by adding highly qualified new companies to our group. In particular, Voshol helps us strengthen our presence in North America, which is an important end market for our group, while also contributing their essential knowledge and expertise to our full-service proposition.”

Jan Voshol commented in a statement: “We will continue to serve our customers in the Netherlands and Canada in the same way as before, but as a part of GreenV, we will have even more to offer. By joining GreenV, we have secured the long-term continuity of Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek and JV Energy Solutions, to the delight of Lennert, Wilco, Henry and myself. The group has a pronounced long-term vision and ambitions that we would never be able to realize by ourselves. The market is rapidly consolidating, and we ourselves felt ready to take this step. Our contribution to GreenV will certainly complement the competencies of the other companies in the group, enabling them to design, deliver, and install increasingly complex climate control systems. Given the developments in the energy market, among other things, the durability and sustainability of these systems are becoming an increasingly important factor. And while Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek and JV Energy Solutions have been able to deliver large projects independently before, working together as a group will allow us to significantly increase our commercial footprint in the Canadian and American markets. We particularly look forward to collaborating with Prins USA and connecting the existing networks of Prins Group, Stolze, and Verboom.”

After several successive acquisitions, the GreenV group currently encompasses Prins Group (greenhouse construction; 2020), Stolze (installation engineering; 2020), HT Verboom (internal transport systems; 2022), GreenV Indoor (indoor farming; 2022), Prins USA (greenhouse construction; 2023), Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek (2023) and JV Energy Solutions (2023).

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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